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What should you do if you see any tree or branch being cut in Mumbai? 👇

1) ask to see a copy of BMC Tree Authority's permission.

The permission will include the tree number, type of tree & size (girth & height). Permission will also say whether tree has to be cut or transplanted.

If it is for tree trimming, the permission will mention the girth & length of each branch to be cut (random branches cannot be cut without permission).

2) Application for cutting/payment towards cutting are not same as permission granted. Permission letter will specifically say that permission is granted.

3) If no permission is shown (or if you are too shy to ask for it), call 100 & inform cops. They will come & have this checked & stop the work if illegal.

4) tweet a picture of tree cutting work-in-progress, with postal/google address to @MumbaiPolice

Dont hesitate or delay. A tree takes just a few minutes to get cut.

5) if tweet is marked to @Zoru75 it can be followed up too.


p.s. even BMC cannot trim any tree, including road-side trees, without written permission from Tree Officer mentioning the tree number & size of branches to be cut for trimming

[01/03, 17:02] Zoru Bhathena: This is how MIDC, Navi Mumbai issues Tree Trimming permission.


Why cant BMC follow this too?


The terms & conditions for scientifically trimming of trees approved for trimming are as below:-

1) Stem of trees & main branches of trees shall not be injured. You are responsible for

any injury to trees as per Section (2) of Trees ACT, 1975.

2) Allottee shall see that there is no nest of birds or any habitant of wildlife on branches

to be trimmed; you are responsible as per Wildlife Protection ACT, 1972.

3) Before trimming branches there shall not be any flowering, blossoming, and fruit

bearing on the branches of trees. The action will be as per Environment (Protection)

ACT, 1986.

4) Tree branches trimming shall be as per National Green Tribunal writ petition no.

156/2016 Para no. 13.

5) Trimming of branches shall be with hack saw or any horticulturist equipment & Bodo

paste (anti algae) shall be applied on trimmed affected area of branches.

6) No trees permitted for trimming shall be without leaves as per Trees ACT, 1975.

7) Trimming of trees permitted shall not cause death of trees as per Trees ACT, 1975.

8) It is the responsibility of owner/occupier to trim the trees with own decision & own

expenses required for trimming the permitted trees. The trimmed branches shall be

disposed off at your risk & cost. The expenses shall be on your account for disposing

the trimmed branches.

9) It is your responsibility to submit photographs of permitted trimmed trees within 7

days after trimming of trees.

10) No concretization/asphalting/ fixing tiles/paver blocks shall be permitted around the

stem of trees within 1 mtr. dia. circle around trees.

11) No trees shall be trimmed until fifteen days from the date of issue of this letter.

If you fail to follow the terms & conditions laid down as above and as per act of Maharashtra (Urban Area) Protection & Prevention of Trees ACT, 1975 the action

under Section 21(1) will be initiated, Please note.

Tree officer & SPA

Executive Engineer

MIDC, Division No. II, Mahape


[01/03, 17:46] Aartii: 🙏🇮🇳

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