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  • Roles and responsibilities of Head and Deputy Head of Citizen Forum
    Conduct meeting of Citizen Forum at least once in a month Prepare and finalize minutes of meeting with help of Secretary or official assigned by BMC / Police dept Coordinate with BMC and Police authorities regarding suggestions, complaints, etc discussed in the Citizen Forum meeting. Supervise functioning of all committees of Citizen Forum and provide assistance in efficient functioning. Make suggestions and form sub-committees , expert Committees from time to time as per rules framed for the same.
  • Responsibilities of Zonal Heads
    Conduct meeting of Zonal Committee at least once in a month Prepare minutes of meeting with assistance of Secretary Coordinate with BMC, Police dept, Zonal Committee members and Citizen Forum Head regarding suggestions and complaints raised in the meeting as well as on day to day activities of BMC and Police dept. Build Citizen Forum organization for all wards within the zone with assistance of Zonal Committee members and assist in efficient functioning of Citizen Forum of Wards.
  • Responsibilities of the Ward Representative
    Work with BMC personnel in monitoring services like solid waste management, supervision of sanitation work, maintenance of parks and gardens, maintenance of roads and footpaths , location and proper functioning of street lights, etc in the ward; identify deficiency in the services and raise complaints about the deficiencies to relevant authorities. Work with Local Police Station in maintaining law and order in the ward encourage harmony and unity among various groups of people in the ward provide assistance to traffic police in smooth flow of traffic, location of traffic signals, pedestrian crossings, identification of No Parking zones & parking lots; provide information to BMC officers about illegal encroachments, illegal construction activities taking place in the area; provide immediate inputs to police station on urgent basis when any situation arises affecting law and order in the area; Identify areas within the ward where illegitimate and anti- social activities such as eve teasing, chain snatching, gambling, drinking or drug consumption in public places etc are taking place and coordinate with local police to prevent such activities and assist in monitoring such trouble spots. Provide assistance to BMC and Police in formulating Hawker zones and assisting in monitoring implementation of the rules with respect to Hawker zones; Raise complaints with relevant police authorities about deficiencies in services provided by any Police personnel; Raise complaints with relevant authorities about deficiencies in services provided by any government agency. encourage art and cultural activities and activities of sports and games and ensure people's participation in the voluntary activities necessary for successful implementation of the developmental activities of the ward; participate in development schemes relating to the ward and provide assistance in the implementation of such schemes; perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the BMC or Police.
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  • Role of Advisory Board
    Advisory Board will ensure that Citizen Forum functions efficiently towards achieving its objectives. It will provide guidance and support to the Head and Deputy Head of Citizen Forum for smooth functioning of the Forum. It will provide technical assistance to the Citizen Forum with the help of members who are experts on various subjects. Advisory Board will assist in framing rules for implementation of provisions of the Citizen First Bill and it will suggest amendments to the rules whenever necessary. Advisory Board will have powers to recommend disciplinary action when it is observed that any member of the Citizen Forum is acting against public interest and against the objectives of the Citizen Forum.
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