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Zohair Diwan
Jun 25, 2022
In General Discussion *Kinnar Samaj Ki Katha Aur Vyatha* Mumbai Citizen Forum bana Kinnar Samaj Ki Awaaz.
Zohair Diwan
Jun 24, 2022
In General Discussion Our( MCF and Mumbai Police) one to one, dil se, Conversations with the Kinnar community ... I had a paradigm shift when I interacted with them ...educated...and with dreams of making big ..and one of the big dream is to be included...accepted one of our own. Can we evolve too? ❤️❤️🧡🧡 Love and Respect MCF Head.
Zohair Diwan
Jun 02, 2022
In Mumbai Roads and Traffic
1. Asst com E ward 2. Asst eng Joshi central agency 3. Sr Pi Dongri traffic division For coordination and immediate action, within short time, on the many bad patches on JJ Road E Ward, and assuring remaining 3 patches to be attended, by tonight and completed. This smooth surface will reduce traffic load on this road and help the traffic police who are striving in sunny heat and all pollution. My salute Kamlakar shenoy Jai hind Message from Mumbai Citizens Forum: Salute to BMC officers from Mumbai Citizens Forum too. And Salute to Kamlakar Shenoy , an active Mumbaikar, for his efforts. We, Mumbaikars, are the Voice of Mumbai. Let's be Proactive and take Mumbai to the next level in Governance, and welfare of Mumbai and Mumbaikars. Zohair Diwan Head Mumbai Citizens Forum
Roads on The JJ hospital marg content media
Zohair Diwan

Zohair Diwan

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