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I work in Zone-9 in Andheri west.

Brief Summary of my Work:

— Worked as ALM with Andheri BMC since 2006. Perused several imp projects for area

— Arranged for several equipment and facilities for Senior citizen virangulka center (Samadhan) in SVP garden lallubhai park

— Continuously pursued with BMC (6 yr) for concrete road from Suncity (Cap Gore) flyover to Andheri stn. Road under prep now.

— During COVID times, coordinated daily with area vaccine center and arranged for vaccine dose for several senior as well general citizens.

— Helped several senior citizens in getting hospital care in case of emergency.

— Raised issue of noise pollution with local Police station regularly and

— Helped ladies inspector Ms. Chirgune to conduct Women Empowerment guidance sessions for ladies and girls in the area.

— Coordinated with BMC for Waste segregation (dry-wet) for over 25-30 societies in the area.

— Followed up with BMC for waste management on daily-weekly basis for the area.

— Consistently pursued with BMC for road, nalla, gutter cleaning in the area.

— Regularly attended ALM meetings with BMC to raise area issues and et the work done

— Regularly tracking Twitter to track imp BMC or Police announcements and passing on to local groups

ALM K Ward Andheri West
Vandana V Sarangdhar

Vandana V Sarangdhar

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