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Press Note 09/07/2023

Press note :

"Regarding the arrest of the main accused of the gang who kidnapped and demanded a ransom of 50 lakh rupees"

On 09/07/2023, the complainant was abducted from a restaurant in Versova police station

limits and threatened with death for Rs. 50 lakhs ransom from them Rs. 5.30 lakhs and one mobile

handset as extortion against 6 unknown accused in Versova Police Station Case Record No.

357/2023 was registered under Sections 386, 364-A, 323, 504, 506 (2),

34, 170 IPC. Recognizing the seriousness of the crime, Hon. According to the orders of the superiors,

the said crime was transferred to Room 9, Th. Q. Sha., G.A.V., Mumbai has been classed.

All the accused in the said crime were strangers. A lot of information about him was received

from the prosecutor. Hon. As per the guidance of seniors Room - 09, Th. Prof., Th. A. Division,

Bandra West, Mumbai is always trying to investigate complex and undetected crimes and

bring the crime to light and arrest the accused. During such efforts, Room-9 received

information from undercover informants about the leader of the gang who committed the said crime.

According to the information received, the police officers and enforcers of Room 9 have laid

a trap and arrested the main accused of the said gang. When he was skillfully investigated,

he admitted his involvement in the said crime along with his 5 other accomplices. He

was arrested on July 9, 2023. On 10th July, 2023, Hon. 37th Court, Qilla Court, Bombay

for remand.

The successful performance of Hon. Commissioner of Police, Brihanmumbai, Shri. Vivek Phansalkar,

Hon. Special Commissioner of Police, Brihanmumbai, Shri. Deven Bharti, Hon. Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime)

Shri. Lakhmi Gautam, Hon. Additional Commissioner of Police (Crime) Shri. Shashi Kumar Meena, Deputy

Commissioner of Police (Q-1) Shri. Raj Tilak Raushan, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Publication- West) Shri. Under

the guidance of Mahesh Desai, Inspector-in-Charge of Police, Shri. Daya Nayak, Poni Shri. Sachin Puranik, Poni Shri. Deepak

Pawar, Saponi Shri. Utkarsh Vaze, Saponi Shri. Mahendra Patil, Mpoupani Snehal Patil, Poh Santosh Lokhande, Poh

Sunil Mhalsank, Poh Sanjay Bhosale, Poh Jitendra Shinde, Poh Dattatray Koli, Poh Dushyant Koli, Poh Sachin Raut,

Poh Mahesh Mohite, Poh Rahul Pawar, Poshi Shardul Bansode, Poshi Amol Sonwane , Poshi is done by Prashant

Bhumkar, Poshi Rakesh Kadam, Pona driver Shashikant Nikam.

Press note no 34 D-1, U-9
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