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Kindness and Mercy are always blessed.

When one's thinking and will are directed towards God, one learns to listen to those helpful impulses that make one more sincere in one's intentions, purer in one's attitude, and more selfless in one's actions.

Being able to make a difference in someone’s life is reward enough for a social worker.

If we can do anything to help anybody, we should. Helping without any idea of reward, and to help the people without any desire for getting anything in return.

The body will ultimately perish, Let us, therefore, do with it the utmost good that we can to others in this short span of life.

When you serve or help anyone from a humanitarian point of view and as a matter of duty, you are doing the right thing, that will be an act of great merit in the sight of the Lord.

Helping is our duty. It is being Truly Human. We are meant to help each other. Humans are meant to help humans. Who else will help ? Birds and plants won't come to help you.

We have to help each other.

We rise by lifting others !

We should help & do the right thing with a 'detached spirit' and to the extend it does not constitute a 'burden' on our minds. Doing the right thing generally means when you take a decision that are not based on your own personal needs ( self interest), that does not expand your popularity ( self importance), or enforce your personal beliefs ( bias).

It means doing what is best for the greater or common good.

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