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Harassed Senior Citizen woman gets help from Mumbai Citizen Forum

A pugree tenant living on marine drive, Mumbai has been living with leakage from her flat ceiling since 3 years, as a result of which the lady has to cover her furniture and move the furniture on the side & disconnect electricity in her dining room !!. ( see pics)

Being a single helpless lady living alone, the Landlord was disregarding her complaint.

Becoming informed of this by the lady, MCF zone 1 team contacted marine drive police PRO and informed them. Two officers from police station visited her house and noted the complaint.

Landlord of the building was been informed and he in turn informed the tenant from where the leakage is happening. MCF zone 1 team will be in touch with her and ensure the repairs are done.

MCF zone 1 team has also helped the same lady to launch a fraud complaint against a youngster who defrauded her & absconding. Complaint has been taken by Marine drive police station & work in progress. The Lady is very grateful to Mumbai Citizen Forum & believes God has heard her prayers :)

Another Senior citizen, a mother from Marine drive, contacted MCF team to get her son to be re-admitted to an alcohol rehab center. Her son was very abusive and police help was taken. We wish the son a complete recovery.

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