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A housemaid in mankhurd was scared to leave her home ,now she feels safe.

An unknown had been chasing a housemaid in Mankhurd area for the past few days and one day that person hit the woman hard and knocked her down.

The woman was terrified. She was also afraid to leave the house. She told the incident to the madam where she was doing housework. Madam immediately informed Mr. Zohair Diwan ji, Head of Mumbai Citizen Forum about this incident.

Mr. Zohair reported the incident to East Region Head Mr. Vishnu Kharate.

Mr Vishnu spoke to the woman and tried to reassure her first and got rid of the fear in her mind. We, Mumbai Citizens, expressed her confidence that we are with her and asked her to go to Mankhurd Police Station and lodge a complaint. Mr Vishnu immediately contacted Senior Inspector of Police, Mr. Koli and requested him to look into the matter. This lessened the woman's fears and she left the house and went to the police station without fear. At the police station, the zonal head of zone 6, Mr. Yashwant Bist ji, reassured the woman and made a successful attempt to get the police to file an FIR in this regard.

Due to this small effort of Mumbai Citizen, the woman gained self-confidence and started walking out safely.

Ladies and Gentlemen in Mumbai, if you have come across any such incidents and you are not getting proper help from the authorities, then you should contact the Mumbai Citizen Forum and we will be your voice.

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Unknown member
Jun 24, 2022

It's very reassuring for a lady seeing the solving of Mankhurd maid incident. Well done CF East Region.


Unknown member
Jun 19, 2022


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