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My dear Mumbaikars and my fellow policemen,

It is that time of the career that eventually catches up with every public servant. It is time to hang up my uniform and say goodbye to the 36 year tenure with the Indian Police Service.

From being a young 24 year old computer engineer assigned to the Maharashtra Cadre of the IPS in 1986, to retirements with a shock of grey hair, it has been an eventful journey. My biggest asset through this phase, which has been eventful and tumultuous, even while being rewarding and satisfying, has been the conscientious policemen (and women) who unfailingly discharge their duties to keep our society going. I may have been rough, and even abrasive in my quest to be a creative policeman. Today is when I must say a big Thank You and also express my apologies for any hurt I may have caused in the course of getting the job done.

The other remarkable asset in this journey is the citizenry, which has always risen to the occasion and stood by me through thick and thin. Whenever I was faced with those moments of doubt and uncertainty that is assured to any public servant, it is the loyal and inspiring citizens who have expressed support, gratitude and empathy that have reminded me with bolstered strength that staying the course is worth it.

Towards the end of my career, I have had the fortune of being entrusted with vital leadership roles - a tenure of 10.5 months of holding additional charge as DGP and 4 months of being the Commissioner of Police of the remarkably complex and intense city of Mumbai. I can rest my head on my pillow tonight with a clear conscience that I brought to bear the best of my abilities in discharging this role.

Being Commissioner of Police for the city of Mumbai is a complex role. In my brief stint, I have tried my best to be just and fair to the incredibly resilient police force and to give the citizens of our beloved city, honest and fair policing.

Any success, however moderate, is purely attributable to the hard work of the members of the force,and the inspiration from members of the citizenry. Bouquets at the end of this tenure belong to them alone. Brickbats (and I am sure they are there too) belong solely to me.

For me, sheer satisfaction of seeing contentment with justice and fairness in the face of a citizen whose misfortune it is to either seek or be at the receiving end of law enforcement, is truly rewarding. The elation of witnessing satisfaction in the eyes of members of the force is irreplaceable. I leave with a wealth of satisfaction on both counts.

I wish my successor the very best to appreciate and learn the complexities that comes with the terrain. To the force, I wish the best of health and strength, physical and emotional, and fortitude to enjoy their chosen careers. To the citizens, I wish the very best of strength and resilience to remain vigilant, aware, and fairly demanding of the best that our police force can give them.


Sanjay Pandey.

Mustafa Suratwala
Amardeep Sambhi


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